Having partners, you make more money with us.

Gold Unicorn invites everyone to join an affiliate programme. We have created a dynamic ranking system for our clients:

  • 0 - Rank: 6-3-2%.
  • 1 - Rank: 6-8-2%.
  • 2 - Rank: 6-8-10-0.5% from 4 to infinity 0.5%.
  • 3 - Rank: 6-8-10-1% from 4 to infinity 1%.

*Note well
For the activating of affiliate program, you must invest in one of the suggested contacts.

Invite more people, develop your partnership relations, increase your structural turnover and your interest rate will grow.

1-rank 2 line + 5% 8%

Standard Programme


Welcome investors and receive an additional profit through 3 active lines from recruited partners' deposits

to fulfill the conditions
you need:
  • personal referrals 20 referrals with an active deposit
2-rank 3 line + 8% 10%

Bonus program

Participate in our affiliate bonus program and get more profits. Involve more partners and increase their level for passive income growth.

6%-8%-10%-0.5% to
to fulfill the conditions
you need:
  • Second line referrals 50
  • Structure turnover 500.000$
  • Personal deposit 20.000$
  • from 4 to 0.5%
3-rank from 4 line to ∞ + 0.5% 1%
referral program 6%-8%-10%-1% to
  • structure turnover 1.000.000$
  • to fulfill the conditions
    you need:
  • personal deposit 50.000$

Everyone can become our partner! We offer a special affiliate programme , that allows you the chance to hone your leadership abilities and increase your income.

You only need:

  • Complete registration
  • Sing a contract
  • Invite partners

Create a ream and guide it toward the target while we provide all necessary conditions for you Together with Gold Unicorn, your potential is unbounded.

All investors can succeed with Gold Unicorn, and your profit is neither time- or space-limited. When you have a sufficient number of active partners, you advance to the next rank, where you will receive a significant bonus profit and more opportunities:

  • Higher interest rate
  • Participation in the CLC ( the Community Leadership Conference)
  • Became a Gold Unicorn ambassador in your country

You can invite partner from all over the world to join your community with comfortable online conditions. Your referral link is at your private office.


We are always in touch
  • company address: 701 5TH AVE, SEATTLE, WA, 98104-7097, UNITED STATES
  • company number: 604 893 668 Verify
  • WhatsApp: +420 792671237
  • working hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 – 18:00 Sat-Sun non working days