The new sea solar platform will be able to withstand harsh conditions

Jan De Nul, Tractebel and DEME are developing a new marine floating solar technology called SEAVOLT, which is able to operate in harsh conditions, combined with offshore wind farms.

"In the same way we have seen how wind energy moves from land to sea, we see an expansion of the entire energy system towards marine locations. Along with offshore production of environmentally friendly fuels, offshore energy islands and connecting lines, as well as potential energy storage solutions, we believe that offshore floating photovoltaic systems can play an important role in accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources," said Philip Van Truye, CEO of Tractebel.

"By focusing on the work to ensure the sustainable development of the planet, DEME demonstrates its innovative spirit. Working closely with like-minded partners, we have developed SEAVOLT, a new renewable energy solution with great potential for accelerating the transition to clean energy," said Luke Vandenbulke, CEO of DEME.

DEME has extensive knowledge of what it means to work in an offshore environment and is a leading contractor in the offshore wind energy sector. The company believes that the combination of solar and wind energy on the shelf opens up fantastic opportunities for the future.

The SEAVOLT modular design can be easily integrated into various facilities and needs, providing local renewable energy production and the ability to install panels in offshore wind farms.


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