Mississippi Senate Passes a Historical Bill Promoting Bitcoin

The Southern US State of Mississippi issued a Senate Bill 2603, under the auspice of the Mississippi Legislature, announcing that the state has passed a “historic bill,” the “Mississippi Digital Asset Mining Act.”

Notably, Documenting Bitcoin, the Twitter platform that reports Bitcoin news, tweeted about the bill that intends to “protect bitcoin mining”:

Notably, according to the Act, “It shall be legal in the State of Mississippi to run a node for the purpose of home digital asset mining.” In addition, the law also permits the state to “operate a digital asset mining business”.

Significantly, the bill authored by state Senator Josh Harkins intends to legalize home digital asset mining as well as the operation of mining businesses in the areas specified for industrial use.

Interestingly, the bill highlighted the advantages of crypto that led the Legislature to pass the bill promoting crypto:

Digital asset mining has created thousands of jobs and provided billions of dollars worth of positive economic value for individuals and companies throughout the United States.

In addition, the State also acknowledged that digital asset mining has grown significantly in the US since China banned crypto mining. Referring to the challenges faced by the crypto miners in Mississippi, the bill claimed: “Digital asset mining has often faced regulatory challenges at the state and local level.”

Notably, Mississippi’s Act shows the growing interest of the US crypto community to adopt Bitcoin and benefit from it within their energy networks.


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